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National Facility for Adaptation and Replication - Local Environmental Planning and Management

Background and Objectives

Ten years of Local Government Code implementation have shown that a number of local government units (LGUs) are capable of demonstrating good local governance practices, including the adoption of good environmental governance practices through adaptation of the SCP-EPM City Agenda21 process. This project supported Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) in developing a process to maximize these lessons learned by replicating the SCP-EPM experiences to other LGUs, transforming lessons learned into national policies and case studies that can be utilized in training and academic programs. The overall development objective was therefore to strengthen the ability of local governments and their partners to improve priority urban environmental services and help reduce poverty.


The main activities include:
* Document the SCP-EPM process in the three cities and support integration of the lessons learned into City Development Plans and national/City University curricular;
* Up-scale L-EPM experiences to other City Barangays;
* Dissemination of lessons learned and integrate these into national policy dialogues and tools;
* Replicate good practices nationally.

Results (2008)

* Documentation of all L-EPM city activities completed early 2007;
* Good practice 'replication manuals' finalized end 2007 (Lipa) and in early 2008 (Tagbilaran and Cagayan de Oro), and the used to replicate the experiences in city Buaragays, as well as four other cities in Mindanao;
* All documentation uploaded in the UN-HABITAT ROAP website;
* AIM introduced the Lipa as a case presentation in its participatory governance in May 2007, and UP commenced a SCP-EPM semester course from June - Oct 2007;
* Knowledge sharing, replication and management system established in DILG/GO-FAR, with a linked UN-Habitat website;
* DILG Replication Guidelines completed mid-2008
* Institutionalised the lessons learned and future outreach technical support through Bureau Order No. 006-03 that set-up a Knowledge Management Centre, Resource Centre/Library and Replication Facility.

Development Partners / Partners

Development Partners: UNDP
Partners: Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG), University of the Philippines, and Asia Institute of Management; Cagayan de Oro, Tagbilaran and Lipa Local Government Units (LGUs)

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