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Jaffna Tsunami Recovery and Reconstruction Project (Completed)


The Indian Ocean tsunami of December 2004 was one of the world's worst natural disaster in the recent history. Significantly, its horror and destruction also gave rise to one of the world's greatest international relief efforts. The tsunami brought together the people world over to share the pain and the suffering of the families affected. However, in the face of these efforts many problems still persist in the Jaffna District in the North of the country. Five and half years after the Tsunami, the reconstruction and rehabilitation are far from complete in this area. The present project is designed to supplement the efforts of the international community to assist the Government of Sri Lanka to bridge the gaps in their ongoing efforts in the recovery from tsunami damage in the selected un-served areas in Jaffna Peninsula.


The overall objective of the project is a complete recovery of the Tsunami affected families by restoration of their daily life, re-establishment of families, communities and settlements together with environmental, economic and social infrastructure through active participation of the selected party.

Following the successful completion of 123 houses and sanitary facilities for an additional 110 households in Jaffna, in partnership with UN-Habitat, The Salvation Army decided to continue the partnership and accept the request from the local government to assist a further 84 families with the reconstruction of their houses. The local government authority had identified a camp of internally displaced people who had never received any assistance since the 2004 tsunami.


Implementation of this Project is broadly under the following components:

* Rebuilding of Tsunami damaged houses in Point Pedro East Division
* Construction of individual wells and sanitary toilets for all the selected beneficiaries.
* Promotion of Livelihood activities to beneficiaries
* Training of beneficiaries on livelihood promotions.


UN-Habitat during the period June 2008 – June 2009 successfully completed a Tsunami Recovery Housing Programme rebuilding 123 tsunami houses along with basic community infrastructure and livelihood assistance and 110 internally displaced families in the Point Pedro Division too were assisted to build sanitary toilets under the first phase of the project.

In the second phase of the project, 84 families from the Point Pedro East Division have been selected for assistance to rebuild their damaged houses. The technical officers of UN-Habitat are facilitating the reconstruction process and provide technical assistance to the families in rebuilding their houses and the construction of a community hall.

Development Partners / Partners

Development Partners: The Salvation Army
Partners: Ministry of Nation Building of the Government of Sri Lanka, District Secretariat of Jaffna and Divisional Secretariat of Point Pedro, Community Based Organizations

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