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Technical Support to Post-conflict Housing Development

Background and Objectives

UN-HABITAT had undertaken an earlier mission to Timor-Leste and prepared a joint report with Displacement Solutions on resolving the IDP crisis in Dili. The first UN-HABITAT mission visited Timor-Leste over the period 10 to 18 September 2007 and had the opportunity to meet a broad spectrum of stakeholders including members of the Fourth Constitutional Government of Timor-Leste. The mission submitted its report, which made a comprehensive series of recommendations on the housing and land issues facing this country as it relates in particular to resolving the IDP situation. In recognition of the fact that resolving the IDP situation that resulted from the crisis of April 2006 is a pre-requisite to a return to normalcy, peace and social cohesion in Dili and in the rest of the country, the Fourth Constitutional Government of Timor-Leste has decided to make a concerted effort backed by commensurate financial resources to address expeditiously the issue of housing in relation to the IDP situation in Dili, It is against this background that the UNDP Country Office invited UN-Habitat to field a two member follow-up mission to provide technical support to the Government in the vetting of the recommendations and the proposing of follow-up measures and activities.


The main activities include:
* Assisting the government in walking through the recommendations made in the Housing Timor report, by highlighting the pros and cons of each and translating the various concepts into non-technical language, and highlighting the sequencing of actions;
* Identify institutional arrangements and capacity building requirements for enabling the Government of Timor-Leste to coordinate and manage effectively the design and implementation of the housing development program;
* Develop housing development options based on best practices for consideration by the GoTL, including community based housing development;
* Formulate guidelines for community based contracting and construction management, and asses the feasibility of implementing the same in Timor Leste;
* Formulate guidelines for related housing construction skills development;
* Develop a program budget and work plan.

Results (2008)

* The mission prepared a detailed housing programme for the Government of Timor-Leste called "Rebuilding Communities";
* This programme engaged communities to allow and assist IDPs to return to their homes and their neighbourhoods;
* Through dialogue and co-operation, host communities and returning IDPs would rebuild burned down homes and restore their neighbourhoods together;
* The Programme aimed at the durable return and re-integration of IDPs. Housing options and a detailed costing of the "Rebuilding Communities" programme were included.

Development Partners / Partners

Development Partners: UNDP
Partners: Ministry of Infrastructure

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