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This is I guess what is called the community participation

T. Legjmaa, Leader of Community Development Council of 17th Subdistrict, Chingeltei District

My background is economy and accounting. I’m retired now and have been worked as an economist at Mongolian and German Joint Expedition and as an auditor, chief economist, accountant and head of the administration sector at the agencies of Ministry of Trade.

I have been living in 17th Subdistrict of Chingeltei District for 22 years and informed on the different projects and programmes coming and being implemented in this area but the most of the results were unseen and what they were doing was unknown. In December 2009, I came to know from the Project Social Mobilizers that Community Led Ger Area Upgrading Project is being implemented by UN-HABITAT and our area was selected as a project area. From the beginning I liked their approaches to involve the residents in the improvement of their living environment and have been participating in the project activities and workshops. By defining our needs and problems ourselves in the workshops, our community was able to see our problems and circumstances, to identify our needs and to plan for better future.

For the first time in my life, I have encountered such an occasion where the help is coming in to solve the problems of the community based on the needs identified by the community itself. This is I guess what is called the community participation. There are many cases where solutions came from the top without consulting with the community of the area. For example, there are 2 water kiosks built next to each other where one has become a useless capital. Because the community is not involved in the process, people tend to not care and the facilities get damaged easily.

Every time I participate in the workshops and meetings organized by the project, I learn something new. I learned that if we people get organized and united, we are able to do a lot to improve our living environment. Our community was organized through the project. Now I would like to see the result of it. Government and some other projects’ funds and approaches are usually unclear. I appreciate the transparency of this project in all the work what they are doing whether it is small or big.

I have done my work for the government and my children are all grown up and educated. Even though I live in Ger Area, I have solved my household heating and sewerage problems. But now I would like to contribute to my community and the subdistrict where I live.

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