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A positive decision can provide a community with a new beginning

Mr. Bhola MukhiyaMr. Bhola Mukhiya

Mr. Bhola Mukhiya is a landless beneficiary from the resettlement project - Shelter Support for Koshi Flood Affected Landless families, in Haripur VDC, wards no 3, Musahari Tole. Bhola is an active member of Nepal Basobas Basti Samrachan Samaj (NBBSS), a local implementing partner for Lumanti, who manage the project for UN HABITAT funded by UNDP.

Bhola is a poor dalit, married, with three children, one elder daughter and two young sons. Both sons are studying in the local government school in Haripur VDC, whilst the daughter, who is 11 years, assists mother with daily household chores. He plans to arrange the marriage of his daughter by the time she is 16 years.

Prior to the Koshi flood in 2008, he earned his living by fishing and collecting logs from Koshi River, then selling across in India. Bhola used the 50,000.00 NRs government compensation return package, to purchase livestock, including a cow and goats and with the remaining funds invest in his new core house.

Since the inception of the project, Bhola has been actively involved in the construction process. He was the first person to construct and complete his core Shelter; this was despite a strike called by Koshi Victim Struggle Committee (KVSC), who tried to suspend activities, as they challenged the district authorities, over the process of land purchase. Although he was threatened on several occasions by the community leaders and KVSC, Bhola continued working and establishing a permanent home for his family. His was one of the first families to resettle in the newly constructed shelter units.

Bhola was at the forefront the construction process of shelter units. He set glowing examples for active community collaboration, whilst encouraging other HHs to engage in the process. Landless families followed his example and now willingly participate in the construction of their homes and are in the process of resettling at the site.

Bhola secured work contracts to erect the bamboo super structure and involvement in other construction activities, including perimeter pegging. This provided much needed income to the family. With new opportunities to generate income, he is no longer required to collect and sell firewood He also volunteers for NBBSS, working as a storekeeper and this experience has made

him realize the importance of his role within community. By active mobilizing and encouraging community members to participate in the construction process. Without their direct involvement, Bhola is of the opinion the project would fail to construct the core shelters

Bhola has ambitions for his new property and land; including the establishment of a vegetable garden. He has already constructed a cow shed and Pooja Ghar (worship house) and wants to construct a kitchen room by the side of the shelter unit.

Bhola is keen for the WASH support to materialize as to provide clean water supply and avoid open defecation. He is also keen to lobby the local authorities to establish an electricity supply to the resettlement site.

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