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Kick-off workshop of 'Climate Change Vulnerability and Adaptation Assessment (VAA) of Hoi An' project as a initial step of integrated approaches to the development of Hoi An Eco-city

27-29 August 2011

On 27-29 August, UN-HABITAT together with People Committee of Hoi An opened the kick-off workshop in Hoi An for the project of Climate Change Vulnerability and Adaptation Assessment (VAA) for development of Hoi An Eco-city. The goals of the project are assessing vulnerability and adaptation capacity to climate change (VAA) of the city of Hoi An to make it basis for strategic planning process with concrete action plan to respond to climate change and sustainability challenges of the city; capacity building for local officials and stakeholders to develop strategies to develop eco-city of Hoi An; and developing a strategic direction for developing eco-city of Hoi An through policy dialogue on "the core values of the eco-city development".

During the workshop, UN-HABITAT presented VAA framework and its application for Hoi An eco-city development. This framework will provide policy makers and communities related information to make priorities and plans to adapt to climate change, identify the necessary actions to effectively manage the impact on society and economy of climate change, and determine adaptive capacity based on analysis of local solutions, including the resources of the community. The framework is expected to play a key role as a determining factor for the development of successful eco-city to Hoi An in 2030.

In addition, consultants also introduced to local government the toolkit based on the experience of the Sorsogon city, Philippine about "Participatory vulnerability and Adaptation Assessment" and the material "Planning for Climate Change" to integrate participatory approach based on the value for strategic planning, and to help to ensure community capacity, local knowledge and community values to be considered when determining priorities and actions about climate and integrate them into each sector planning activities.

Lastly, a proposed eco city framework for long term development of Hoi An was presented which shows a linkage between V&AA and a macro level of eco city development strategic planning process that UN-HABITAT is committed to working on with Hoi An.

The workshop successfully introduced objectives, approaches and activities of the project; increased capacity of local official and stakeholders on assessing vulnerability and adaptation capacity to climate change (VAA) of the city of Hoi An; and defined the scope of evaluation and coordination plans to evaluate until end of 2011.

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