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Governance and Development Support Programme in Kandahar (GDSP)

Background and Objectives

Kandahar is the second largest city and an important regional centre in Afghanistan. The population of Kandahar has doubled over the past years due to return of refugees, influx of IDPs, droughts, conflicts and urban migration. Kandahar’s stability and security is threatened because of the insurgency in the province and the lack of tangible development of the city.

The CIDA funded programme brings basic services including water supply, sanitation, drainage, access roads, solid waste management and improved security of tenure to 37,000 households. It is strengthening the capacity of local government to perform its critical functions and through property registration, improve its revenue base. Community Development Committees are formed and the programme is implemented through them. The Project has four main components: Governance, Sustainability, Service Delivery and a Facilitating Policy Environment. It also includes the formulation of the City Profile and Strategic Municipal Action Plan for the city of Spinboldak, where community-based sub-projects identified by this process are funded by the Project.


The main activities include:
* Assisting Kandahar and Spinboldak municipalities to be citizen-friendly, to practice good governance, and reciprocally benefit from the trust and confidence of its citizens;
* Assisting the municipalities in establishing a good revenue generation and management system leading to self-sustainability;
* Assisting the municipalities to improve service delivery to residents and develop capacities for their improved maintenance and operation;
* Improving urban sector management at the central level.

Results (2009)

* Community Governance: 65 male CDCs and 25 female CDCs have been established; 7 community-led sub-projects have been completed, including construction of drainages, culverts, electricity nets, road gravelling, etc.;
* Infrastructure and Service Delivery: Several infrastructure projects in Kandahar City have been ongoing, i.e. construction of water supply department building, improvement of footpaths, drainages and culverts, asphalting, construction of eco-toilets, etc.;
* Sustainability: 8,555 houses have been registered by the Municipality with support of Land Registration Team;
* Policy Support and Visibility: Draft policy of the Upgrading Policy with Deputy Minister of Urban Development has been prepared, shared with the said Ministry and being finalized;
* Water Supply Nextwork: to be improved in collaboration with CAWSS (Central Authority for Water Supply and Sewerage) in Kandahar City.

Development Partners / Partners

Development Partners: Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA)
Partners: Ministry of Urban Development (MUD), Ministry of Interior (MoI), Municipality of Kandahar, and Municipality of Spinboldak

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