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As result of programme development discussions held throughout the year, and a Maharashtra State consultation workshop in early May attended by senior officials, the Sustainable Cities Campaign was launched on 6-7 October by the Regional Commissioner and Director of Municipal Administration, Maharashtra State Government. The Campaign is designed to introduce and implement the Environmental Planning and Management (EPM) process advocated by the Sustainable Cities Programme initially in two Phase I demonstration cities, Vivar and Panvel. The first stages of this work have involved the translation (into Marathi) and adaptation of SCP toolkits to the local context. Given the legal requirement for solid waste management strategies to be developed in a participatory way and the emphasis placed on SWM by the May workshop participants, the programme will provide a special focus on solid waste management. The programme will run until mid-2004.


A number of missions were undertaken during the year, the project document was developed and finalised, and the programme launched.


All India Institute of Local Self Government; Government of Maharashtra, UMP-SA

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