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Situation in Iraq


The bombing of the UN Headquarters in Baghdad on August 19, 2003, has led to temporary deployment of UN international staff from Iraq. The security situation remains deteriorated, and UNHabitat’s activities have been inevitably limited since.

In such difficult circumstances, however, our three rehabilitation projects (namely 'School Rehabilitation Project' , 'Community Rehabilitation Project') which started in March 2004, and 'Educational Facilities Rehabilitation Project' which started in August 2004, funded by the Government of Japan, are making significant progress. These projects have generated employment to a number of local construction companies, vendors, and laborers. The projects are currently managed by our highly competent Iraqi national staff whose expertise and know-how were accumulated through over seven years of experience in humanitarian assistance programs in Iraq. This 'Situation in Iraq' page provides overall information as well as updates on the 50 schools and hundreds of houses we are working on at this very moment.

We apologize that some of the information is currently only available in Japanese; we hope to be able to launch a detailed English page very soon.

Background of Current Rehabilitation Projects

This section explains about the needs assessment conducted for the rehabilitation of Iraq and how UN-HABITAT has been involved in the establishment of the UN Strategic Plan in the 6 sectors, namely 1) Education and Culture, 2) Water and Sanitation, 3) Infrastructure and Housing 4) IDPs (Internally Displaced Persons) 5) Governance and Civil Society, and 6) Poverty Reduction and Human Development.

Detailed Information is available in Japanese Only.

Project Overview

Rehabilitation in Progress
in a secondary school in Samawa

This section explains about the three projects funded by the Government of Japan (School Rehabilitation Project, Community Rehabilitation Project and Educational Facilities Rehabilitation Project), that it is expected to rehabilitate 200 schools, 3000 houses in Iraq, and schools of higher education based on the assessment conducted by UN-HABITAT.

Detailed Information is available in Japanese Only.

Project Updates

A secondary school in Samawa After rehabilitationAfter rehabilitation
Before rehabilitationA secondary school in Samawa
Before rehabilitation

This section explains in details about the progress of each project with photographs to describe the visible progress. This section is updated on a monthly basis.

Detailed Information is available in Japanese Only.

Other Non-Japanese Funded Projects in Iraq

This section covers the ongoing projects in Iraq which are funded by other donors.

Detailed Information is available in Japanese Only.

Past Activities in Iraq

This section refers to the activities and accomplishments of UN-HABITAT in Iraq through humanitarian assistance programmes.

Detailed Information is available in Japanese Only.

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