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Organized Ger Community takes charge of their Development

27th August, Ulaanbaatar, MONGOLIA; Ger Area households organized into Community Development Council (CDC) under the Community Led Ger Area Upgrading project in Ulaanbaatar city, organized an Inauguration Ceremony to mark the construction a water kiosk in their neighbourhood.

Community Development Council (CDC) formed by the representatives of residents of 11th Khoroo, Bayankhoshuu area started the construction of a water kiosk connected to the nearest water supply pipeline. Around 2600 people of 554 households will directly benefit from the kiosk with access to water, 24 hours a day, with reduced distance to water kiosks. Ger areas in Ulaanbaatar are primarily served by trucked water supply sold at water kiosks. Residents have to walk long distances to fetch water from the nearest water kiosk. Haulage of water is usually the responsibility of children in the Ger communities which have currently an access to 6.7 litres per capita per day. The CDC will take charge of the construction with the involvement skilled and unskilled labours of the local area.

The Community Led Ger Area Upgrading in Ulaanbaatar City Project is being implemented in partnership between UN-HABITAT, Municipality of Ulaanbaatar, and Ministry of Road, Construction, Transport and Urban Development with the grant assistance of the Government of Japan through Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) to address problems of infrastructures and services in selected Ger areas in the city. Ger area constitutes 58% of the total population of Ulaanbaatar.

The inauguration marks commencement of the construction under the project with communities' leadership after completion of "community mobilization and organization" phase. Fifty two Community Development Councils (CDCs) are established in 5 different project areas which will take leadership of their communities' development. Under the project, 15 community service infrastructure projects, 5 water kiosks and 50 micro projects will be built as per the needs and priorities identified by the local communities in the Ger Areas.

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