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Programmes / Cities and Climate Change Initiative (C.C.C.I)

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Cities and Climate Change Initiative (CCCI)

UN-Habitat, through its Cities and Climate Change Initiative (CCCI) supports local governments to more readily respond to the climatic threats faced by cities and their populations (building Climate Resilience). It further aims to take steps in reducing cities’ climate footprint (Climate Change Mitigation).

CCCI is now globally active in 40 cities. UN-Habitat provides support in the development of climate change vulnerability assessments and climate change action plans. In some countries CCCI supports policy processes: urban and local government concerns are integrated in climate change policies and urban policies need to recognize climate change

A number of tools in support of local action have been developed. Capacity development programmes in partnership with local government training institutes and universities are underway.

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Cities and Climate Change Initiative Brochure

Cities and Climate Change Initiative (2019)

Cities and Climate Change Initiative (2019) (PDF 984KB)

CCCI in the Asia-Pacific Region

In the Asia-Pacific Region, CCCI continues to expand, now supporting 30 cities. A regional strategy supports the further expansion. The regional programme brings local partners together to jointly learn and share experiences on themes such vulnerability assessments and planning for climate change, urban ecosystem based adaptation, climate change and multilevel governance.

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Cities and Climate Change Initiative: Pacific (January, 2015) (PDF 557KB)

Country Activities

UN-Habitat has been involved in a large number of countries in the Asia-Pacific region, working with their governments to improve climate change adaptation and mitigation policies.

Papua New Guinea
Solomon Islands
Sri Lanka

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