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The Programme for Development and Rehabilitation of Community in Ethnic Minority Area, Myanmar

Background and Objectives


The programme for Development and Rehabilitation of Community in Ethnic Minority Area in the Republic of the Union of Myanmar aims to assist communities of Kachin, Chin, Kayah and Shan States through provision of basic community infrastructure, water, sanitation and hygiene promotion, and shelter (Kachin State) through community-led development. As well, community members will be equipped into savings and credit groups to encourage savings and utilizing it for income generation activities.


The overall objective of the programme is to provide a two-pronged approach of assisting affected people in “Comprehensive Recovery” through (a) Restoration of shelter, water supply, sanitation and community infrastructure; and (b) Provision of inputs, tools and skills to restore livelihoods. These two combined will ensure human security and sustainable return where interventions will help improve the living conditions and the lives of the poorest households significantly, allowing for the development of a stronger social, economic and health fabric for long-term development gains.


Improved Community Infrastructure
Improved Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Promotion Activities (WASH)
Improved skills development and training


  • • Bridges, roads and footpaths, culverts, mini-dam for hydro power, and jetties constructed/renovated
  • • Household community solar panels to generate electricity in household provided
  • • Solar street lamp provided in villages where no electrification exists (pilot)
  • • Gravity flow systems, river water supply systems, and hand dug wells, shallow tube wells, mini dams, rain water collection tanks at communal places, rain water harvesting system and bio-sand filters provided
  • • Semi-permanent latrines provided to most vulnerable families addressing special needs for women, differently-abled and elderly people
  • • Various trainings conducted for carpenters, masons and other artisans who will turn to be employed to build/retrofit shelters, water and sanitation systems and community infrastructure. These artisans will be expected to train other artisans in their home villages, so that the benefits of training in Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) and build back safer construction techniques will be spread to many others.
  • • Approximately 49,981 families representing 256,083 individuals in 502 villages across 10 townships of Kachin, Chin, Shan and Kayah States are benefited from programme activities. These families and communities directly benefited not only from the result of community infrastructure, water, sanitation and hygiene and trainings but also from cash-for-work activities supported by the programme.

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